Georgia Institute of Technology

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Thomas E. Brewer - Laboratory Manager II

Dr. Brewer's mortmain is the instructional laboratory program of The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering within The College of Engineering at The Georgia Institute of Technology. His demesne includes laboratory instruction, development, management, and supervision. His doctoral dissertation involved an arcane topic in telecommunications. His interests include instrumentation, electronics, yoctotechnology, fuzzy packaging paradigms, metrology, vexillology, phrenology, aichomancy, alphitomancy, chiromancy, rhabdomancy, tyromancy, thaumaturgy, tinaja questing, epistemology, ontology, transcendental thereminisms articulated via terpsitones augmented with space-controlled aetherphons, and the behavior of the universe.

Halloween 2003

Infant Brewer as He Prepares to Write ECE 3041 and 3042 Lab Experiments

Office Hours: Late afternoons or early evenings. Feel free to drop by and discuss any aspect of life including such mundane topics as courses and grades.

During 1944 I drove my uncle's car to Washington, D. C., to assist my father who was a Lieutenant, J. G., in the United States Navy while he was stationed at the Pentagon. He took this picture of me checking out the famous cherry trees whilst I was planning the counter attack in the Battle of the Bulge. I plan to wear this outfit on my last day at Tech.

This is me at the 2004 HKN Annual Picnic where I won the coolest hat award.

This is me at the 2005 HKN Annual Picnic instructing students on the correct technique for eating a BBQ sandwich.

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